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the other night

my dad and my older brother shared my ass for the first time.

we were all on the couch together and dad realized my brother had a boner. dad took out his cock and started stroking it. it wasn’t long before my brother and i followed along.

"why don’t you two boys kiss?" dad said.

so, we did. i kissed my brother and wrapped my hands around his cock. he moaned. he and my dad then started to kiss so i started sucking my brother’s cock.

dad had always told me that while he and my brother had their fun from time to time, it was always apparent that the both of them were born tops. my brother had bottomed for him but it was “nothing like having your hole, boy,” he said.

so i knew what to do without dad even saying a word. i stood up and stripped for my dad and my brother. they jerked off and watched me as i took all of my clothes off and left them on the floor. dad told me to turn around and bend over.

"see that hole? we’re going to share it," dad said.

my brother had a look of glee on his face.

i turned back around and got on my knees in front of the couch and started sucking dad’s cock. my brother watched for a while and then started making out with dad. i switched to my brother’s cock after a while. “isn’t he a good cocksucker?” dad asked.

"yeah, he is," my brother answered.

dad got up off the couch while i continued to suck my brother off. he came up behind me and started prying my hole open. i knew what was coming next.

"hey son, come take a taste of this," he said to my brother. they switched sides and my dad began to feed me his cock and fuck my face while my brother began hungrily eating my hole.

"you’re gonna like his ass," dad said. "it’s the best boyhole you’ll ever fuck."

dad and my brother then picked me up and dragged me to the bedroom, throwing me down on the bed. i continued to suck dad’s cock while my brother began to open my hole up and get me ready. my hole was begging for it. “you want my cock, little brother?” he asked.

i took dad’s cock out of my mouth long enough to say, “yes, please.”

now dad and i have been going at it for a while - at this point, my ass has been completely trained for his cock - i can take it whenever, wherever, and i have. my dad’s cock has a big, thick, meaty head at the end and is thick at the tip, but it thins out at the bottom, so it’s shaped like a club. my brother, however, has the opposite - his is thin at first but thicker as it got closer to the base.

he and my dad spit on their hands and worked it all over my hole before my brother penetrated me, all the way. i could feel the difference of their cocks and at first, it hurt a little. but not for long.

my brother fucked very differently from my dad, too. my dad was rough with me but loving as well, deep and hard. my brother pushed deep inside and then pulled all the way out, faster and faster. i was almost screaming except for the fact that i still had daddy’s cock down my throat.

then dad said, “let me get in there, too.”

i looked up at him as his cock slid out of my mouth. i knew what was coming next and i hoped to god i was ready. i felt my ass opening up even more just at the thought.

my dad got underneath me while my brother continued to fuck me. we kissed passionately. then he said, “now be a good boy and open up your hole for daddy, too.”

he spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and before i knew it, my brother and my dad were both inside me, fucking away. i begged for them to fuck me harder as our bodies collapsed into one another. my dad had his hands on my ass holding my hole open while they both fucked away. “fill me up,” i screamed.

and then we all came together, and it was like waves washing over us, a father and his two sons and all of us built for fucking, them to fuck and me to be fucked, my hole open, gaping, stretched, filled up with cum…

my brother started laughing after his orgasm passed through him. “i think i have to pee,” he said.

"so do it," i replied.

his piss began to fill my ass and then dad started doing it too…

getting my hole used and abused by my brothers

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my older brother shows off my hole to dad… i’m more than happy to take both of their cocks

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any good boy knows that his ass should be used for whatever dad and his friends want

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